Spirit Doll


After a renowned horror actress, Dara Lazuardi, encounters a haunted doll resembling her deceased daughter, she becomes convinced of its connection to her child’s spirit, leading her into a spiral of madness as others try to intervene.

Movie Details

  • Release Date: 01 Jun,2023
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: Anya Geraldine, Samuel Rizal, Annette Edoarda, Elina Joerg, Ita Rahma, Anantya Rezky, Zidni Hakim, Mbok Tun, Badriyah Afiff, Anyun Cadel, Satrya Ghozali, Yuyun Arfah, Pratito Wibowo, Jerio Jefry, Suranta Purba,
  • Director: Azhar Kinoi Lubis
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Quality: HD

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